Yokai Sword

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Game overview

Yokai Sword is a fast paced 2D hack and slash. You have to control a skillful ninja (four different playable characters with unique attack and special attack) and defeat waves of enemies. Each wave consists of sets of yokais and a boss. The series has been carefully designed to create a satisfying game experience and are slightly different in each game and there is also a system that randomly generates skills levels which makes it even more fun. And if not exciting enough player only has one life point, if he dies he starts again.

  • Five intense game modes. Story mode, Co-op mode, One army men mode, Versus mode and Challenge mode.
  • Four playable characters with differents weapons and mechanics.
  • Mechanic forcing the player to make quick decisions, keep moving and adapt infinitely.
  • Spectacular music based on traditional japanese music.
  • Story mode and Co-op mode with three loops to play, before you finish the game, this begins again, and one more time.
  • One army men mode with hordes of enemies like “Dynasty warriors” and Bosses appear in threes.
  • Challenge mode in wich users can create custom enemy waves an share with other users.
  • Versus mode up to four players. Players can attack, block and dodge.
  • Big pixels like watermelons!
  • Secret skins!

PC, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone.