Our plugin called Editor Utilities is released on the asset store!
We will aprecciate all your feedback!

Build fast your inspector scripts and save up to 95% code lines and development time. Get a beautiful and user friendly inspector for your scripts without fighting with the Unity Editor API.



  • Supports multiply property types. More than 20 and more soon…


  • All property options in one code line (Inspector label name, Inspector tooltip, Property reference and Units).
  • Disable properties easily.


  • Manage your collectiosn (lists, arrays…) with reorderable list, more usable than a common Unity list. And additional buttons and tools to do this.
  • Two layouts types of reorderable list. Vertical (all properties of each list element one below the other) and Horizontal (all properties of each list element next to each other). Custom width for properties of horizontal layout.


  • Put a link to a documentation file or URL of your scripts on each component inspector.
  • Remove a component from an object fast with a button on each component inspector.
  • Copy, paste and paste as new component all values from a component. Works on play and edit mode.
  • Save or restore a back up values or settings from a component. Works on play and edit mode.


  • Set required components as dependencies to a component. Inspector warnings you of each dependency and let you add all required components. Without using the annoying Unity attribute.


  • Useful user manual and API reference. All code well documented.
  • Example scripts and source code included.
  • Support forum and new features on each update.


User manual
API reference
Ask anything in the Unity forum topic
Support forum topic
Contact information here
Contact us to suggest new features


This asset is part of Chloroplast Games Framework (CGF).